P&C Uniforms is responsible for the operation of the Innisfail State College Uniform Shop. We maintain a close relationship with the school and the P&C Association to better serve the community at Innisfail State College.


P&C Uniforms has been a major manufacturer of school uniforms in Australia since 1987, and have recently expanded our portfolio to include outsourcing of on-campus shops. We manufacture the majority of items in China, in factories chosen for quality of product and ethical and environmental consciousness. The factories are regularly audited by our staff to ensure compliance with reasonable and safe working conditions.


We pride ourselves on our quality of both product and service, and welcome discussions with parents and the community about what more we can do.



Meetings are held at 7:00pm on the second Monday of each month at the  Administration Block. 


The P&C aims are to increase community support and raise money to invest in the school. Their meetings generally run for about an hour. The principal and each committee provide reports and make decisions about issues raised in the school.